Why Choose Austin Nature Maid

Here are some reasons to choose Austin Nature Maid for your maid service in Austin!

You Can Trust Us With Your Health

Our number one priority is YOUR FAMILY’S health.

All too often we assign health problems like headaches, sinus pressure and even flu-like symptoms to “cedar fever,” “high pollen count” or “seasonal allergies,” never suspecting that our indoor environment might be the problem.

Most common household cleaners used by homeowners and maid services are dangerously toxic. Even “green” and “eco-friendly” cleaners, though they may be less harmful to the environment, are not always healthy for people.

  • We deliver professional results using our own Nature Maid cleaning products, made entirely with  wholesome, all-natural ingredients that we trust around our own children.
  • The commercial products we use to supplement our cleaners are carefully vetted to ensure that every single ingredient is safe and non-toxic for your family.
  • Our vacuums are all HEPA certified, to safely remove dust, parasites and allergens from your home.
  • The microfiber cloths we use to clean your home are freshly laundered and color coded to prevent cross contamination
  • Our maids are individually trained in effective non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing techniques
  • We work closely with individual clients to ensure their home is kept completely clear of any ingredient that might possibly cause an allergic reaction or otherwise impact the health of a sensitive individual in their family.

There are plenty of “green” and “eco-friendly” cleaning companies out there to choose from, but you can trust Nature Maid to actually deliver what you are looking for when you hire a green company – a sparkling clean home, free of toxic chemicals.

Affordable Prices

We believe everybody should be able to afford a naturally clean home! Our prices are right in line with conventional maid services, and lower than many of the “green” maid services in Austin. Call us today to receive your free, personalized estimate! 512-815-DUST (3878).

Commitment to Customer Service

If you ever have a question or concern about your Austin Nature Maid service, let us know right away – we pride ourselves on maintaining a completely satisfied clientele and will promptly address any issues that arise.

Local Austin Family Owned

Austin Nature Maid service is independently owned and operated by a local Austin, Texas family

We founded Austin Nature Maid because we care. We wanted to create a sustainable business that provides a helpful service to the community, security and good wages for our employees, and helps our neighbors lead healthier, happier lives.

Thank you for supporting local Austin, Texas businesses!