Cleaning Windows Without Chemicals

Cleaning windows naturally and without chemicals is easy, but many people stick with toxic chemicals because of the streaks they think will be left if they don’t use Windex or something similar (commercials have driven that into our brain!) The reality is, contrary to common perception, naturally cleaning your windows doesn’t have to leave streaks!!!

Cleaning windows is one of those tedious jobs that many folks tend to procrastinate until we can barely see through them – and then procrastinate some more! To help you get over the intimidation, here are our our secret tips to help you keep you windows strew-free and sparkling clean, naturally and without toxic chemicals.


Excellent grade microfiber cloths are one of the most important tools we use when we come clean your home. Keep a few handy at all times, and be sure to wash them using our recommended method to keep them dust free and ready to shine your windows!

For most windows and mirrors, a quick dusting and rub with a dry microfiber cloth will keep marks and streaks to a minimum. It saves so much time over spraying, wiping, wiping, wiping… the key is to rub out any marks before they need wet cleaning. If there’s a stubborn mark but the window is clean elsewhere, just dab a bit of water on the cloth and clean the area.


If you have a grimy window with lots of fingerprints or dog nose art and DO need a spray, use a higher concentration vinegar mix than you use for your all purpose around-the-house spray. 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water works well. Lemon juice can be added in as well for a better smelling solution.


Lemon juice works much the same as vinegar, and smells a bit nicer (though I have long associated the scent of vinegar with a sparkling clean home – give it time!). A few tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a quart of water in a spray bottle does the trick. Spray and wipe with clean microfiber.


Many folks use recycled newspaper to clean their windows. They like it because newspaper doesn’t leave lint like paper towels do, but we don’t recommend this because the ink can be irritating. Microfiber cloths won’t harm your skin, and do a better job!

Have fun cleaning your windows, or even better just kick back and relax while your favorite maid service in Austin does it for you! Because as far as Austin maid services go, we get the job done just the way you like it, every time – without chemicals.

Happy Cleaning!